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13 Women is out now! 

Spring is coming, vaccines are happening, and life is feeling a bit lighter these days.I'm happy to announce that the new album is out, please go the 13 Women page for music samples and lots of info on all the amazing women who inspired this album. I've been having lots of fun doing interviews and reading the nice reviews coming in for the album. It's super gratifying to see this project get out into the world.

Getting Ready for 13 Women 

There's much to do before the release of 13 Women, and since like most of you I'm still at home I'm sitting here doing it! Plus I've been playing all the songs to the dog we've been fostering, hoping that one of these months I can play for a live audience again. The first single "Just Give Me Everything" will release the day after Thanksgiving, when I hope you will all be sitting around digesting. Pre-orders of 13 Women start that day as well.