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I've Moved to Santa Fe! 

I've just moved to this beautiful town filled with creative lovely people. I'm walking distance to cafes, a river walk, buildings that are several centuries old, art galleries, and much more. I can't wait to explore this magical place. 

Once I'm settled I'll get back to recording my next album. I have piano and guitar down for most of the songs but had to take a break from production to pack up and move.

13 Women is out now! 

Spring is coming, vaccines are happening, and life is feeling a bit lighter these days.I'm happy to announce that the new album is out, please go the 13 Women page for music samples and lots of info on all the amazing women who inspired this album. I've been having lots of fun doing interviews and reading the nice reviews coming in for the album. It's super gratifying to see this project get out into the world.

Getting Ready for 13 Women 

There's much to do before the release of 13 Women, and since like most of you I'm still at home I'm sitting here doing it! Plus I've been playing all the songs to the dog we've been fostering, hoping that one of these months I can play for a live audience again. The first single "Just Give Me Everything" will release the day after Thanksgiving, when I hope you will all be sitting around digesting. Pre-orders of 13 Women start that day as well.

A Couple of Fun Gigs 

I had a wonderful couple of shows in Nashville and Berkeley in June. Thank you to J. Poet for my preview and picture in the East Bay Express before my show at the venerable Freight & Salvage in Berkeley, here's a tidbit: "Loop de Loop is marked by subtle, passionate lead vocals and lush, multi-layered harmonies." My 91 year old father was in attendance, making the show even more special. To my shock he liked one of my new songs, an acoustic-funk one called Spell, the best. He liked the beat! Video from both shows is coming soon.

Now I'm settling in to complete and record songs for my next album, songs inspired by women from US history.

Recording New Songs 

I'm still Loop de Looping AKA doing shows to promote Loop de Loop. Plus I've been writing songs for a new concept album and just recorded the first few guitar tracks. All of the songs are in the voices of famous and not-so-famous people from American history. I played a couple of the new songs at my Radio Cafe show last month (thank you MJ Bishop for including me in that round), and the audience response made me think I might be onto something.

Playing the Freight 

I'm performing songs from Loop de Loop at the wonderful Freight & Salvage in Berkeley, my hometown. I played several shows at the old Freight & Salvage but this is my first performance at the newer larger venue. I've heard so many good things about this space, I can't wait to play there. Thank you Don Arbor for inviting me to co-bill this show.