Thirteen Women: My History Project

    Late in 2017 I started writing songs for my next album, a set of songs inspired by women in US history. The current state of our country caused me to look into past US history, partly as an escape from the present, partly to find other dramatic times or inspiring women in our past. I found a lot of them! Some of them are famous, like Helen Keller and Amelia Earhart, and some are lesser known but equally inspiring, like Henrietta Swan Leavitt.     Then people started hearing about my project and sent me more suggestions. There’s no way I can write songs about all of the fascinating women (and men) who have been suggested, but researching them and seeing who sparks my creative fire has been a blast. Here’s the list so far.

    I realize it's fairly presumptuous to muse and write about the thoughts of these women. Here are my thoughts on that.   



Me performing Just Give Me Everything with Renee Hayes and Tom Manche. Renee co-wrote another song on this project, Wildfire (Edmonia).


I played a couple of the songs from My History Project live earlier this summer: See if you can guess who Just Give Me Everything is about. Go here if you need a big hint. You probably won't figure out the inspiration for Spell, Sarah Wildes. Read about her here.

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