Sarah Wildes

Sarah Wildes (1627-1692) was tried and hung for being a witch during the Salem Witch Trials.

    She married John Wildes a few months after his first wife died, and though Sarah was a devoted step-mother to his eight children, some members of his first wife's family appeared to hold a grudge against her for marrying John so quickly and were her initial accusers.

From her Wikipedia page:

       Sarah had a reputation as a nonconformist in Puritan Massachusetts, with prior offenses which may have made her an easy target for accusations of witchcraft. She was considered glamorous and forward as a young woman. She was sentenced to be whipped for fornication with Thomas Wordell in November 1649, and later, in May of 1663, charged with wearing a silk scarf. (In the song I changed the scarf to a too-tight dress).

After the 2016 election I wanted to learn about times in our history when large groups of people became irrational. That lead me to the Salem Witch Trials and Sarah Wildes.

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Trivia: the original cover for 13 Women included a noose to represent Sarah Wildes. You can see the remnants of it in the banner shot at the top.