Thank You

   Susan writes: "Thank you for suggesting these women to me:

Rosie the Riveter: Vickie Hopper

      We were waiting out a rainstorm on a writing retreat, so we were forced to actually write. I'd finished a first draft of what became Open Prairie and asked Vickie for ideas. Her mention of Rosie the Riveter led to many happy hours of research.

Edmonia Lewis: Renee Hayes

      Renee suggested Edmonia as soon as I told her about the project--in fact she insisted that one of the songs be about her. I'd never heard of her, but Renee's enthusiasm (and research) made the song happen.

Henrietta Swan Leavitt: Andrew Streitwieser (my father)

      One more fascinating woman I'd never heard of before. Thanks, Dad.

Peace Pilgrim: Kathy Hussey and McKinley Marshall

      I posted a plea for suggestions on Facebook, and Kathy and McKinley both suggested her. Again, I was clueless about her. Thank you, internet.

Henrietta Lacks: Linda Marks and David G. Smith

       Both of them suggested her in response to my Facebook post. Great minds think alike.

Maud Stevens Wagner and Julia Morgan: Tom Manche

      We were about to go on a trip to a friend's lake house when Tom handed me a small piece of paper with several names on it--he'd done some digging of his own. Maud Stevens Wagner and Julia Morgan both sparked my interest, and I started writing both songs while paddle-boarding on the lake. So I guess our hosts Erin Sax and Brad Cole also deserve some credit for these songs.


Here's the list of all the suggestions I've received so far."